A Day at the Beach

Howard and his family decided to go the beach for the day,
They packed their bags and went on their way,
Howard loved his friends, they always made him smile,
They met them there as they hadn’t seen them in a while.

They always met by a lovely rock pool together,
No matter the time or whatever the weather,
Timmy the starfish and Archie the crab with one claw,
They swam and crawled across the rocks and up on the shore.

Preparing themselves for a lovely sunny day,
Howard and Candy sat down while the kids went off to play.
Candy shouted “be careful in the rock pool, did you hear me?”
Jess nodded, “Yes mum, go and have a cup of tea”.

She played ball with Alex and Aaron which bounced against the tide,
Amelia and Harry were close to them, looking at the rocks on the side.
Alex shouted, “Would you two like to play with us? We are playing a game”
Amelia and Harry didn’t hear when Alex shouted their name.

Harry said, “Amelia look at that rock ledge. You can see the beach,”
Amelia said, “Harry it’s far too high up and it’s out of our reach.”
“I can swim up with the help of the tide. I’ll be big and tall!”
Amelia cried, “No Harry, it’s dangerous and you might fall.”

It was too late as Harry swam up fast and jumped in the air
But he jumped too low and it was more than he could bear,
He hit himself hard against the rocks, near the ledge,
He made a crying noise and was thrown back by the edge.

The other children saw this and screamed for dad and mum,
They swam over to see why the children’s faces were so glum,
“Harry hurt himself on the side of the rocks while we were playing ball.”
“I must call an ambulance and say my boy has had a fall”

Howard dialled 999 and said, “Come, please be quick,”
“Harry, my son is injured and very sick.”
The operator asked what had happened in a very calm tone,
He explained the incident and then hung up the phone.

Howard said “a helicopter is on its way, coming in from the sea,
Harry groaned…how long would they be?
Within minutes, a noise in the sky could be heard,
Alex looked up, “Dad is that it? It’s too noisy to be a bird.”

Howard said, “It is the air ambulance and they need somewhere to land,”
They cleared a large area as it descended on to the sand.
The helicopter landed with the lightest of bumps on the ground,
The engines roared and made a deafening sound.

On the side in big letters was the name explorer MD902,
It was shiny and clean and painted white and blue.
Dr Dudley, a giant bear jumped out and ran across the beach,
They were close to the rock pool so it was easy to reach.

Dr Dudley carried a medical bag and was dressed in red,
He was wearing a name badge and had a big furry head.
They went to the pool, where Harry was lying and weeping,
Dr Dudley “What happened, he looks like he’s sleeping.”

Harry groaned as Dr Dudley wrapped him in bubble wrap,
To keep him warm and then carefully put him on his lap.
Dr Dudley could see he had a big bump on his head and tail,
Harry continued to groan, his yellow skin was cut and very pale.

Harry’s pulse was taken and it was very slow,
Dr Dudley said, “off to the hospital, we must go.”
They moved Harry on a stretcher and Candy went as well,
The helicopter started its engines, flown by the pilot Mel.

When Harry was strapped in the helicopter, it took off in the air,
Candy said “Oh Harry, you gave us a scare.”
Within minutes, the helicopter landed on the hospital pad,
Candy phoned Howard to say they were there, he was glad.

Harry was taken to the nurses to have an x-ray,
They told him he wouldn’t be going anywhere today.
The results revealed Harry had a broken bone in his tail,
They bandaged him up saying “no swimming…you must be a slow as snail.”

Everyone smiled at Harry who was as happy as can be
Aaron said to Candy “Mum…did you want that cup of tea?”
A week later Harry visited the charity to say thank you and apologised for the fuss,
“No problem” said Dr Dudley “that’s what we do at the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust.”