Howard’s Family Adventure

In a faraway place, deep under the ocean, there once lived a fish family; a dad, a mum and five children. Howard was the dad and Candy was the mum. Alex, Amelia, Aaron, Jess and Harry were the children.

This fish family was just like all the other fish families in the ocean. They lived in their own coral reef and except for school and work, they hardly ever left it. Howard and Candy lived like all the other fish, the fish before them and even the fish before that. It was a known fact that the ocean was a big and scary place and the open waters are not a place for small fish like them.

Alex was just starting to see and understand the real world and he couldn’t get enough. The more he learned about the ocean, streams, currents, forgotten treasures, sunk boats and ships etc. the more he was anxious to visit and see them all. Alex was the adventurous type and he never turned down an exciting adventure. He daydreamt about the ocean and the open waters. He would dream about it at night and talk about it before bed.

“I want to see the ocean, explore it and meet a lot of fish.” – Alex would say.

“Go to sleep Alex. You know it’s too dangerous out there.” – would say Harry, the voice of reason.

“But do you know how many fish live in the ocean? So many new friendships.”

“Yes, I do know. And I know that half of them would eat you without blinking.”

Alex knew that it was dangerous, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it. So, he started talking to his dad. Every day, Alex gave him another reason for them to go on an adventure.

That went on for a while until one day, Howard said “Alright, we’re going on an adventure.” The kids started laughing and screaming with joy, but he interrupted them, “But… but, you will have to respect my rules and we’ll do it my way. And, the most important thing is, we always stay together!”

The kids quickly agreed and the next day, Howard took Candy and the kids on an unforgettable adventure. They went from coral reef to coral reef and saw all kinds of things. They met a lot of fish and laughed to tears. They laughed so hard that when a shark passed above them, they could barely hold the laughter in and avoid being eaten. It was scary, but fun and exciting too. Alex loved every bit of it. Harry was a little scared but he had fun too.

After a while, the family came to a stop and Howard quickly asked the kids to go back and swim faster.

“But wait, dad… what’s happening?” – asked Jess while trying to get a peek over her dad’s fin.

“Why did we go back so fast, what’s wrong?” – asked Aaron.

“Dad, was it the giant dark hole you saw there?” – asked Jess again.

“Yes Jess, you weren’t supposed to see that.”

“What’s down there dad?” – Harry asked.

“I don’t know Harry. Since I was a boy like you, I have heard many stories about what’s down there and all of them are different. Some say it is ‘The Land of a 1000 sharks’, and some say it is ‘The Promised Land for Fish‘, the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. It’s best we go back home.”

Just as Howard was telling this to his children, Alex quickly swam towards the giant hole. When his family saw him it was too late to stop him. They screamed at him to come back, but he was already too far gone.

“Well, what was the most important rule kids?” – Howard asked.

“We always stay together.” – they all said and went after Alex.

They swam in a complete darkness. They couldn’t see anything. They called for Alex and caught up to him. Just as the family reunited, they noticed a yellow glowing light in the distance. They moved closer and couldn’t believe what they saw. It was a golden submarine. It was so yellow and shiny that they couldn’t take their eyes off of it. Howard opened the door and they saw thousands of fish, playing and chatting together. They were all excited for the newcomers. Alex and his family made a lot of friends at the submarine. Amelia was curious as to how has a shark never found them here, but the fish explained that the only thing sharks aren’t scared of are smaller fish. When they see the giant hole, sharks are scared that a bigger fish will come out and eat them. We are the only one’s brave enough to be here. The family were delighted to hear that. They had fun for days at the golden submarine, but at the end, they had to go back home and move on with their lives.


They went back and couldn’t wait for their next adventure.