I had a dream


In the town of Tonbridge, in a tall building, near the window of a beautiful apartment on the top floor, there lived a goldfish by the name of Howard. Howard the fish lived in a glass tank with his wife Candy. Candy was a dark lilac fish that was Howard’s best friend and loving wife. They did everything together. Howard and Candy went to sleep together and woke up together. They ate and drank together and took their daily swims side by side. They were so similar yet so different. When they talked, all Candy dreamt about was more food and a bit more space to swim, but not Howard. Howard the fish had bigger dreams. Every morning, Howard watched as the sunrise put a beautiful yellow blanket of light on the town. He loved to watch the town wake up with him. “What I would give to be down there and see the Tonbridge Castle and river up close.” – thought Howard every morning. It was a big dream for such a small fish. But, that was all it was, a dream. Candy would often say “You can’t get out Howard. We can’t even breathe out of the water. Don’t set your goals so high. Then you will be disappointed.”

          Howard didn’t listen to Candy and did everything in his power to see the town. He even had a plan. Once a week, their owner, Tim cleaned the fish tank. He put Howard and Candy in plastic bags with water while he put new water in the tank. This week’s cleaning was Howard’s way out.

          Tim came into the room just like every week, put both of them in separate bags and went to change the water of the tank. Howard started swimming as fast as he could and pushed one side of the bag as much as he could. Candy gave him a boost and he managed to go from the desk, to the floor, through the open front door and to the lift.


He hid in the corner of the lift and stood there while people went in and out until the ground floor. There, Howard went out of the lift and out of the building. He walked along the high street avoiding large feet and saw the people rushing to work up close. Just like he wanted. Howard was so amazed, he never wanted to go back to the apartment again. It was simply beautiful. He saw all the castle and buildings that he had only seen from afar, through a window.



          Everything was well, until the night came. Suddenly, there was nobody in the High street and Howard could hardly see anything. He was cold and scared and all he could think was that warm fish tank in Tims’ apartment with his best friend and dearest wife, Candy in it. He rushed back and went up the same way he got out waiting patiently for the lift door to open. He waited for Tim to get back from the gym and sneaked in behind and Howard positioned the plastic bag under the table for Tim to find. After a few minutes, Tim  made a cup of tea and walked in the room and saw Howard in the bag. He thought he had rolled off and fell while he cleaned the tank. He looked for him but thought he hadn’t checked under the table.  Tim poured Howard and the water in the fish tank. Candy and Howard were finally reunited.

          “Candy!” – Howard shouted. “I have so much to tell you.”