Magical Journey Finding Santascales



The winter came,

Christmas was close and everything the same.

The kids were playing in the back yard

The parents inside writing Christmas cards.



At dinner, Howard and Candy announced something great

“We are moving to a big home through Howard Cundey,” but wait

“How will Santascales find us and give us our presents?”

Alex asked “Will he give them to the new tenants?”


“I’m sure he will find us honey.” – said his mommy,

“Now come on, eat your food, it’s yummy.”

The kids were not happy so they hatched a plan

After dinner, they got up and to their room they swam.


“Let’s go and find Santascales!” – said Harry.

Amelia said, “We don’t know where that is and it’s scary.”

“He is easy to find” – suggested Jess

“Oh come on, I’m sure we can guess.”


Nobody knows where Santascales and the elves live

Jess told them all they had to do was to believe.

The children got ready and went on their way

It was an adventure and they would have a lot of fun that day.


The five brothers and sisters swam to many places

And thought they covered all the bases.

After some time, you could see it on their faces

Of fish Santascales, they found no traces.


They swam and swam but still found no one

They had a rest and Alex said “Well at least we had fun.”

The kids were getting ready to leave

When Aaron saw something that he couldn’t believe.


It was a giant submarine like a cozy elf house

An elf popped out he was as small as a mouse.

They all knew then they were in the right place

They couldn’t wipe the excitement off their face.


The elf asked “would you like to come in and see?”

Of course they did and they had a cup of tea.

They all nodded yes please and then Santascales welcomed them in

The house was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

Santascales wasn’t like they had imagined him

He was just like them, with a red coat and bushy beard, a fish that loved to swim.


In the house, there were big machines that wrapped the presents,

The little elves went back to work didn’t notice their presence.

Santascales said, “Come on, I’ll show you around”

“Ah, do you hear that sound?”


“That beeping means the candy canes are ready”

“Here have one, we have made thousands already.”

The kids ate candy, played games and made a new friend

But night came and the adventure had to end.


Santascales changed their address from the previous year

And went to prepare the fish reindeer.

It is almost time for us to start delivering gifts to every little one

I so love delivering presents – it is so much fun.


The fish family got in the sleigh

And the fish reindeer swam away.

It was so fast, they left behind a giant cloud of foam

They went past the ocean and soon they were home.


Howard and Candy were waiting “what an adventure you all have had” they said

They were too excited to sleep and thought about the adventure they had.

Now put out some food as Santascales will visit in the morning

It’s Christmas eve, they looked at the time and started yawning.


On Christmas morning under the tree

They saw lots of wrapped presents and they were filled with glee

All the children were so excited and shouted hip hip hooray

Howard said “we are going to have sooooo much fun it’s a finfantastic day!”